Multi-Media Memoir

I have definitely been a reader for a long as I can remember. There are pictures of me as a child, before I learned to read, looking at newspapers and adult books as if I was reading them. My grandfather was a reader and a wonderful storyteller, and some of my earliest memories are of him telling me such amazing stories. I have always enjoyed being told a story, regardless of its format – whether oral, in book form, or movie form, just please let me hear a good story! I think that is also where I get my love of history – at its core, history is just a collection of fascinating stories.

My dad is also a prolific reader, and all of his children share that with him. Dad always made sure we had books, and some of my fondest memories are of hanging out at the library. When I was younger, it was a magical place for me (okay, it still is), with fun little nooks and a tree house that was the best for reading in.  For my sisters and I, a library card has always been a prized possession that provides access to an endless treasure trove of stories.

When thinking back on some of my favorite books as a child, Nancy Drew immediately comes to mind. I had all of her books, and also enjoyed Trixie Belden stories, Judy Blume, choose your own adventure books, fantasy, and so many others. Specific titles that come to mind are A Wrinkle in Time, The Dragonlance Chronicles,  Elfquest, Mad magazine, books by Robert McCammon and Stephen King, the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, and so many more.

My love for reading has never changed. My favorite thing to do is to be able to sit in a comfortable chair and open to the first page of a new book. The promise to come of a good story is just intoxicating.

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